Adjustable Bangles

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Adjustable Bangles

Adjustable bangles are bracelets that can be resized or customized to fit different wrist sizes. They offer versatility and convenience for wearers of varying wrist sizes.

Types of Adjustable Mechanisms:

Gap or Opening Design:

One common design includes a small gap or opening in the bangle that allows it to be expanded or contracted. The wearer can adjust the size by gently squeezing or pulling the bangle.

Sliding Mechanism or Chain Extension:

Another type of adjustable bangle features a sliding mechanism or a chain extension. The wearer can slide a clasp or connector along the chain to increase or decrease the circumference of the bangle.

Variety of Styles and Materials


Adjustable bangles are made from various materials, including metals like gold, silver, or stainless steel. They can also incorporate gemstones, beads, or charms for added decoration.

Styles and Designs:

These bangles come in a range of styles, from simple and minimalistic to ornate and embellished. Wearers can choose a design that suits their personal taste and preferences.


Adjustable bangles for ladeis & babies provide a practical and versatile solution for anyone seeking a bracelet that can be easily resized. With different adjustable mechanisms, materials, and designs available, these bangles offer comfort, style, and customization to suit individual preferences.

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